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Academic Journal Unit

The academic journal is highly important because it helps to publish the knowledge, thought and development from researches. The unit also supports instructors, dentists, postgraduate students and other related persons at all stages of the journal publication cycle. Reading journal can be helpful for keeping the knowledge up-to-date and provide it to the others who will get the benefits of it. Therefore, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University realizes that being the knowledge management center is very important to provide the right knowledge in dental journals, research works and criticisms to share with the readers. In 1985, the first dental journal was published. It is published 4 issues a year. Presently, the journal receives budget from its guarantee of quality and is supported by Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and Thai Journal Citation Index Center research screening process will be implemented by all professionals who have degrees in each field. In 2015, Thai Journal Citation Index Center by the support of Thailand Research Fund (TRF) is going to evaluate the quality of research for the second time. This evaluation is an integral component of quality improvement, thus the journal must show its quality improvement. To continuous quality improvement, our Unit made the quality manual and research journal in order to implement research plans to meet quality requirements.