The main duty of the Faculty, in addition to offering education all al levels and in every field, is research in the
Basic Sciences, Applied Sciences, and major areas of interest include oral biology, clinical research, craniofacial treatment, biomaterials science and public health. The Academic Service and Research Unit support faculty, students
and staff, both internal and external, in conducting research projects. Also accredited in administrative quality,
ISO 9001:2000, it is in the process of ISO/IEC 17025/2005 certified accreditation for three major research
facilities: the Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory, the Dental Biomaterials Laboratory and the Oral Biology

     Human resource development is the core of the Faculty's constant upgrading. Academic conferences,
international seminars and collaborative research projects are organized with financial support to improve the competencies of faculty, student and staff, and increase the body of much needed research. It annually publishes hundreds of abstracts, case reports and full articles in local and international oral health journals.

Research products and innovations

     The Faculty of Dentistry encourages all innovators for patent registration and commercial application through
the help of the Mahidol University Applied and Technological Service Center . In addition, the faculty promotes
textbook and CD-ROM production and a wide variety of training courses.

     For example, faculty members earned a national research grant for novel research entitled "Subgingival Administration of Andrographis Paniculata Gel and Metronidazole Gel as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Adult Periodontitis. " Newly patented dental products include fluoride rinses, chlorhexidine mouthwash, toothbrushes,
and toothpastes, etching and chelating gels, Thai herbal extracts, and microbe detection kits.

    To further enhance and expand research projects, the Dental Material and Substance Testing Center aids research
for non-Mahidol University community users and funds collaborative research with other institutions such as the
Project of Dental Implants along with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

    The Faculty will soon institutionalize the Dental Material Production Center for in-house and commercial product development to create quality products locally and decrease dependence on outside materials and equipment.




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