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School of Dental Assistant

The School of Dental Assistant, Faculty of Dentistry Mahidol University first had a Certificate Program in Dental Assistant (one year program) on May 17, 1972 when the program received an approval from the Ministry of University Affairs and Office of The Civil Service Commission. This program was made available for students who held at at least a junior high school degree. There were initially 15 students in the first year. In 1986, the program made some amendments when the Ministry of Education made a policy that stated that all students must complete their high school education first or its national equivalent in order for them to be able to enter the program. The program went in operation for over 40 years.


The idea of the National Economic and Social Development Plan and Higher Education Development Plan in the Seventh Phase is to support and improve the education of the Dental Assistant Program. This program has been improved to become a one year program which served as the continuing program of the Certificate Program in Dental Assistant for students who held a minimum two years’ experience in this field. The Faculty offered the first course in 1997 to 2000. However, the program was temporarily closed due to the declining number of enrollees.


The School of Dental Assistant, Faculty of Dentistry Mahidol University is under the control of Education Management Section, Educational and Academic Office. It is the first and only school where which produces  well qualified dental assistants for over 42 years. The program has been accepted by private and public organizations.