5 June 2018

Anatomically Directed Endodontic Hands-On

Professor Martin Trope


Assistant Professor Kallaya Yanpiset


Course Details: Evolutionary technologies have resulted in new generation of instruments designed to access areas that traditional “round” NiTi cannot safely reach. After initial negotiation of the root canal space with a glide path file, these “virtual core” files complete the cleaning to the maximum natural diameter.  The native anatomy configuration is sustained and intra-canal dentin conservation is optimized. This conservative root treatment is completed by bioceramic root filling technology that does not shrink, wash out or require excessive preparation on the coronal third of the canal space. Participants will learn the shortcomings associated with traditional NiTi instrumentation and legacy obturation techniques and how this new evolutionary generation of 3D files and bioceramic technologies will obviate these shortcomings and engender predictable endodontic success:



  • Understand the shortcomings of traditional files that produce round shapes
  • Understand the addition of 3D files to clean to maximal diameters with conservative dentin removal
  • Understand the use of bioceramic sealer in both cold and warm hydraulic techniques



08.30-10.00                 Lecture : Professor Martin Trope

10.00-10.45                 workshop: Professor Martin Trope and Endodontic Staff

10.45-11.00                 Coffee break

11.00-12.00                 workshop: Professor Martin Trope and Endodontic Staff

12.00-13.00                 Lunch

13.00-14.30                 workshop: Professor Martin Trope and Endodontic Staff

14.30-14.45                 Coffee break

14.45-16.30                 workshop: Professor Martin Trope and Endodontic Staff


CDE Credit:                3.167

Participants:              40

Fee:                             All day Hands-on 7000 THB

Location:                    Simulation Lab, Building 4, Floor 3 Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University